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Things To Keep In Mind When Using The Pcap Touch Screens Kit


If the display resolution or display mode of the Pcap Touch Screens Kit changes during the mid-operation of the capacitive touch screen, or the refresh rate of the touch screen controller is self-adjusted, and the cursor does not match the touch screen, the touch screen system must be recalibrated. When the system has changed the display resolution, adjusted the screen size and installed it for the first time. Incorrect clicks or drift can occur. Need to start the application that comes with the positioning program to reposition. But when you are positioning, it is best to use a thinner pen or fingertip for positioning. This is more accurate.

 Pcap Touch Screens Kit

The Response Of The Pcap Touch Screens Kit Becomes Slow

When using a hand or other contact object to touch the surface of the sonic touch screen. The response of the touch screen will be slow, which indicates that the touch screen is likely to be out of date. The internal clock frequency is too low, or because water drops are moving on the touch screen. To make the touch screen respond quickly. You must replace or upgrade the system, or use a rag to dry the water drops on the touch screen.

Inaccurate Touch Screen

Do not let dripping water or other soft objects stick to the surface of the touch screen. Otherwise, the touch screen can easily be mistaken for the inaccuracy of the sonic screen caused by hand contact. In addition, in order to remove dirt on the surface of the touch screen. You can use a soft dry cloth or detergent to wipe it out from the middle of the screen carefully. Or use a dry soft cloth dipped in industrial alcohol or glass cleaner to clean the surface of the touch screen.

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