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What Are The 3 Major Challenges Of Capacitive Touch Screen Technology?


Now the touch screen has been integrated into our lives. Then do you know which three biggest challenges will be faced when capacitive touch screen technology develops to the present? Let us discuss it today.

Three Major Challenges Of Capacitive Touch Screen Technology:

1. Signal Detection

Existing algorithms are difficult to distinguish between noise and signal. Separating useful signals from signal sources is also a major difficulty in algorithm development.

2. Changes In Parasitic Capacitance

The working principle of the capacitive touch screen is to generate capacitance through the contact of the finger with the touch screen, and the position information is obtained by calculating the capacitance value. However, the designs of various touch screen products on the market are quite different now. And the panel materials, shells, and PCB sizes used by different manufacturers are also different. Therefore, the touch screen solution provider needs to adjust the capacitance value correspondingly to match it for different designs.

 Capacitive Touch Screen Technology

However, due to product process issues, even the same series of products from the same manufacturer may need to carefully check and calibrate the parasitic capacitance value. Therefore, in the entire product design process, 1C design companies, panel manufacturers, and terminal design manufacturers need to work closely together, follow up in time, and respond quickly to design issues. If so, we just can introduce quickly the product to the market.

3. Power Consumption And PCB Size

Low power consumption and miniaturization are the inevitable trends of 1C design. How to reduce power consumption and reduce size while ensuring performance is also the goal that product design continues to pursue.

To meet the above challenges, Cypress has developed a Smart Sense programmable Cap Sense touch screen solution. It uses an algorithm independently developed by Cypress to solve the above problems. This solution has the following advantages. No need for manual adjustment, self-adjusting thresholds, reducing technical difficulty, eliminating the need for later testing steps for designers, reducing BOM costs, and shortening time to market.

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