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What Is The Structure Of A Capacitive Smart Touch Glass Pcap ?


With the continuous development of technology and innovation. People’s living standards are getting higher and higher. The touch screen also brings a lot of convenience to people’s work and life. The application in the market is also very hot. It can be seen in various fields. The structure of the capacitive smart touch glass pcap will be explained below.

Basic Structure Of Capacitive Smart Touch Glass Pcap

The capacitive touch screen can be simply viewed as a screen composed of four-layer composite screens. The outermost layer is a protective glass layer, followed by a conductive layer, the third layer is a non-conductive glass screen, and the fourth innermost layer is also a conductive layer. The innermost conductive layer is the shielding layer. Play the role of shielding internal electrical signals. The conductive layer in the middle is a key part of the entire touch screen. There are direct leads on the four corners or four sides. Responsible for detecting the position of the touch point.

The Working Principle Of The Smart Touch Glass Pcap

The substrate is a single-layer plexiglass, and a layer of transparent conductive film is uniformly forged on the inner and outer surfaces of the plexiglass. A narrow and long electrode is tapered on the four corners of the transparent conductive film on the outer surface. When the finger touches the capacitive touch screen, the high-frequency signal is connected on the working surface. At this time, a coupling capacitor is formed between the finger and the working surface of the touch screen. This is equivalent to a conductor.

 Smart Touch Glass Pcap

Because there are high frequency signals on the working surface. When the finger is touched, a small current is drawn at the touch point. This small current flows from the electrodes on the four corners of the touch screen. The current flowing through the four electrodes is proportional to the straight-line distance from the finger to the four corners. The controller calculates the ratio of the four currents. Then the coordinate value of the contact point can be obtained.

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