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What To Pay Attention To When Operating A Pcap Capacitive Touchscreens?


The pcap capacitive touchscreens technology uses the current induction of the human body to work. Capacitive screens need to realize multi-touch by increasing the electrodes of mutual capacitance. Simply put, it is to divide the screen into blocks. Setting a group of mutual capacitance modules in each area works independently. Therefore, the capacitive screen can independently detect the touch conditions of each area. After processing, simply realize multi-touch.

Operating System And Touch Points

The current operating systems that can implement multi-touch are WIN 7, WIN 8, Android, and Linux. The touch index depends on the touch IC on the touch screen. Such as the two types of touch ICs currently used by our company. The SIS solution can achieve up to 10 finger touches, and the ILITEK and EETI solutions can achieve up to 10 finger touches. Other operating systems such as XP, Linux, Win ce, etc. can only achieve single-finger touch due to the limitations of the operating system itself.

Pcap Capacitive Touchscreens

Drive Situation Of Each Operating System

For now, the driver-free operating systems are WIN7 and WIN8, plug and play. All other operating systems need to install drivers. We divide drivers are roughly into two categories. One type is the .exe executable program, you can directly double-click the installed driver file. This driver is suitable for XP operating system. The other is the need to modify and load driver code files from the bottom of the system. If you use it for Win ce, Linux, Android operating systems, and it will relatively complicate the installation .

What To Pay Attention To When Using The Pcap Capacitive Touchscreens

Because the capacitive screen realizes the touch function by detecting the change of the capacitance signal of the touch surface. It is susceptible to interference from the external electromagnetic environment. So keep the capacitive screen away from the interference source as much as possible. The source of interference mainly comes from the LCD screen and the power supply. When installing the machine, it is recommended that the large-size capacitive screen and the LCD screen maintain a distance of more than 1.5mm.

The power supply is also recommended to choose a better quality power supply as much as possible. To prevent the interference signal from being too strong and unable to touch normally. When a single TP is used for testing. Please put an insulating material (such as foam, etc.) under the TP before testing. And after moving the TP or unplugging the FPC during the test, the USB cable needs to be unplugged and plugged again to ensure normal touch.

The Pcap Capacitive Touchscreens Touch Effect Is Not Ideal

The samples sent out for the first time sometimes have unsatisfactory touch effects. For example, when there is random jumping, disconnection, slow response speed, etc. Please don’t worry, because the sample is only for single TP debugging. It may be quite different from the whole machine environment. Need to be optimized for the whole machine. Irregular operation causes damage to the TP, because the back of the TP is directly exposed to the outside. It is easy to be hurt by hard objects. So please take care of TP. In addition, FPC is also a relatively fragile part. The strength should be gentle when turning over, try to avoid dead-folding.

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