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Why Are Usb Capacitive Touch Screen So Common?


Why Are Usb Capacitive Touch Screen So Common?

People still like novel things. Because I haven’t seen it before, or haven’t used it. If its role and scope of use are relatively wide. Will cause its universal phenomenon. The same is true for capacitive touch screens. So why is the use of usb capacitive touch screen so common!

The Main Reasons Why Usb Capacitive Touch Screen Are So Common Are:

Usb Capacitive Touch Screen

1)Operation Is Novel

The capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch, the operation is more intuitive and interesting. Many products now use capacitive touch screens. For example, we used to go to the bank to handle card business. All need to go to the manual window to handle. Now there are ATM self-service machines in banks. You can handle banking business directly on it, and the bank card can be processed on the same day. Therefore, the capacitive touch screen with novel operation is immediately popular among people.

2)It Is Not Easy To Touch By Mistake

Because the capacitive touch screen needs to sense the current of the human body. Only the human body can operate it. It is not touched by pressing pressure like a resistive screen. There will be no response when touched with other objects. Therefore, the possibility of false touches is basically avoided.

3)High Durability

Compared with resistive touch screens, capacitive touch screens have better performance in terms of dust resistance, water resistance, and wear resistance. You only need to lightly tap on the touch screen to touch what you want. The resistive touch screen needs to be pressed with an object. Therefore, in terms of durability, capacitive touch screens are relatively durable.

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