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Why Dingtouch Touch Screen Is Used For Industrial Purpose?


Industrial manufacturing uses industrial-grade touch screen monitors for a lot of purposes. These include process monitoring and control and motion control. What’s more, they are used in factory automation and machine vision inspection. So they must be requested to apply in safety, digital, signage, and surveillance.

why dingtouch touch screen is used for industrial purpose

These special uses require an industrial-grade touch screen. But some touch screen supplier’s products can not endure many of the very strict industrial environments. So that you will have to keep replacing touch screens that can not deal with the challenges that industrial use now. But when we manufacturing touch screens we have built with these challenges in our mind. Therefore, we will provide the best solution for your specific project.

Dingtouch touch screens are ideal for such demanding environments due to their industrial-grade components. For example, many customer’s products need to pass some strict tests. Have you heard of the EMC test? These are high temperature test and anti-interference test. So These request the very high quality for touch screen and then the product can be passed the test. We ensure our touch screen can be passed the EMC test, we will choose the touch chip with strong anti-interference for our touch screen. We will also paste high temperature protective glue on electronic components. We must ensure that the touch screen can pass the test and that some product applications can work normally at very high temperatures.

What’s more, some industrial control devices will request the thick Gloves touch. We also can do industrial touch screens with thick leather material gloves touch. Generally, we will use the EETI touch chip, its function is very strong and is often used in the industrial area. Also, if your industrial control device is applied outdoor, we can do anti-glare on the touch screen. This ensures excellent visibility even in direct bright sunlight.

Dingtouch touch screens are also ideal for operator interface and control panels. Additionally, Human Machine Interface HMI and machine monitoring benefit. Some customer’s product is used in washdown environments. We also can do touch screens with water resistance. Let the touch screen can also continue to work in harsh water environments.

Like small size, if you need with touch screen optical with TFT LCD display, we also can do it. Let the industrial touch display can provide sharp images in the bright sunlight. Additionally, you will find these applications are endless. Our engineer will provide you with many options for A suitable and professional solution to your demands. Because we have more than 10 years of touch screen experience to assist you with your selections.


As a professional touchscreen manufacturer in China, we have over 10 years of touch screen experience. We can do a 1.44-70 inch pcap touch screen, and highly welcome to customize your touch screen panel. However, we can give you a suitable solution, high-quality product, stable supply, and best service. We believe the best products can help you win more customers on the market, this is the key point for every business. Just enter your project specifications, we will give you professional suggestions to meet your project. Just contact us!