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Why Is Ordinary Touch Screen Cheaper Than Industrial Touchscreen Kit?


With the development of technology, more and more industrial equipment is also equip with Industrial Touchscreen Kit. What about the price? Some customers will come to ask why ordinary touch screens are cheaper than industrial touch screens. Generally speaking, it is used on the machine of industrial control equipment. There are certain requirements for either waterproofing or explosion-proof or wide temperature.

Why Is Ordinary Touch Screen Cheaper Than Industrial Touchscreen Kit

Because most of the ordinary touch screens do not have too many requirements. Most of them are used on relatively low-end consumer devices. As long as it can be touched normally. But if you use it outdoors or in an environment with strong lighting. Also need anti-glare or waterproof effect. Then we recommend the use of industrial touch screens. So overall, the price of industrial touch screens is relatively higher. Because it has strict requirements on the touch screen solution. It needs the touch screen to work normally under very bad conditions.

 Industrial Touchscreen Kit

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We already have very rich experience in the production of industrial touch screens. As long as you send us your specific requirements. Our engineers can recommend suitable touch screen solutions according to the project situation.

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