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The Future Medical Touch Screen Application Market Is Booming


Medical Touch Screen Applications Are Growing

The medical touch screen market is currently growing. In the past, medical touch screens had extremely high requirements in terms of resolution, stability, and brightness. Plus a series of technical thresholds for medical equipment. Let the medical touch screen market have been dominated by large manufacturers. Such as Germany and Japan in the past. But with the global display technology and applications booming. The medical touch screen market is slowly opening up new business opportunities. Panel manufacturers and equipment terminal companies from Taiwan, South Korea. And the mainland have begun to enter the medical high-end touch screen market. So continue to develop high-resolution, high-brightness, high-contrast and other medical display panels. Let the display technology application continue to make breakthroughs in the medical field.

Application Of Medical Touch Panel

According to statistics, medical imaging touch screens include desktop case review touch screens, image diagnosis touch screens, and operating room screen touch screens. It is showing strong growth momentum. Therefore we estimate will in the next 2-3 years. The global operating room screen touch screen revenue. And desktop case review touch screen revenue have an average annual compound growth rate of about 9%. As for the image diagnosis touch screen. So it grows at a rate of 5% every year.

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Surgical monitors that can display bright red colors. However, clinical monitors suitable for diagnosis and treatment and patient consultations. And three medical imaging devices, including digital X-ray diagnostic devices that do not require film, are being vigorously promoted. Especially for surgical and clinical monitors, it is emphasized that the device has a 27-inch screen and 4K resolution.

Future Applications

The future medical touch screen will be in the original touch screen industry chain. Such as optoelectronics, semiconductors, intelligent manufacturing, automation, robotics, materials and components, machine vision, electronic manufacturing equipment and other fields. It will also integrate related application fields, including display applications in the medical field, OLED display applications, wearable display/virtual reality, traffic display applications, vehicle display applications, education display applications, etc. A number of the latest technologies and applications will guide the vigorous development of the medical touch screen market in the future.

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