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Afghanistan Touchscreen For All-In-One Machine in Airport


Afghanistan Touchscreen For All-In-One Machine in Airport

In recent years, the airport has adopted self-service check-in services to reduce passenger waiting time and provide diversified check-in solutions. It is also due to the use the touchscreen for all-in-one  in airport. The average waiting time at the airport dropped from 30 minutes to less than 20 minutes, a 30% drop in time. With the emergence and application of the self-service kiosks.The airport has begun to notice the important value of digital signage-based self-service to airport management and passengers.

Touchscreen For All-In-One

The Importance Of Touchscreen For All-in-one machine In Airport

The airport is one of the busiest places in the world. And people from all over the world come and go every day. This has brought a variety of opportunities for airports, airlines and enterprises, especially in touchscreen for all-in-one machine. Due to the large size of the airport, travellers may often be confused about how they reach their destination, especially for foreign travelers. In order to help tourists, the airport uses the touchscreen. And the way finding touch screen to display a series of effective information, including flight time, boarding gate number, map and instructions.


The Five Major Value Touchscreen For All-in-one Machine

Let us take a look at the five major value of touchscreen for all-in-one machine in airport.

Direction And Navigation

As we all know, finding a way at the airport is not easy. The challenge that passengers often face is to find the right direction within the limited flight interval. As you can imagine, there is nothing worse than going to the end of the end. And discovering that you are going in the opposite direction. If there have touchscreen for all-in-one machine in airport, this confusion can be greatly avoided. Depending on the selected navigation software. The airport can provide passengers with an interactive overview of the entire airport and clearly display “You are here”. After that, touchscreen for all-in-one can display the fastest route and even print a map for the user. The guidance service often displays the latest flight information to maximize the convenience of passengers.

Hotel, Catering And Entertainment Information

Due to a lack of understanding of the destination. Many people have encountered problems with food, clothing, housing and transportation. Touchscreen for all-in-one can provide local accommodation, hotel, catering and entertainment information. Of course, this is also a good way to enhance the image of the city, exhibitions, concerts, and sports events. Attract repeat customers by providing visitors with opportunities to learn about the best things in the city. This not only enhances the tourism experience, but also promotes the development of local tourism.

Lost And Found

Lost and found on the plane almost every day. Therefore, the airport also needs to provide lost and found services. The touchscreen can provide the best solution for lost and found. In addition, we can install software with the phone in touchscreen.Allowing passengers to call the lost and found office. This system is undoubtedly a great help to travelers.


Advertising And Marketing

Modern people use touch screens more and more frequently. And people pay more and more attention to the information displayed on the touchscreen. Therefore, touchscreen for all-in-one has become an ideal tool for advertisers to effectively convey information. For airports, attracting local companies to advertise is not only a source of income. But also other types of information. Such as parking notices or policy reminders. These advertisements can appear in various forms. Such as small-format advertisements, or reminders accompanied by other content. And start screens or screen savers when not in use. This is not only conducive to maximizing the return on investment. But also more conducive to including customer surveys to obtain the real needs of related facilities and the real feedback from the public.


Safety warning

Ensuring safety is the primary task of the airport. Strengthening various means of communication for passengers in emergencies is a way to improve airport safety. The touchscreen for all-in-one is a very effective tool for disseminating such content. In an emergency, the content manager can pause the current touchscreen content and immediately push emergency messages.

In short, the potential applications of touchscreen for all-in-one are more and more extensive. And the software platform can also provide and customize solutions with the times, bringing a variety of cases to businesses!


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