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Do You Know How Many Layers Of Glass The Touch screen Glass Has?


Do you know how many layers of glass the touch screen glass has?Today let us talk about it.


Structure of Touch Screen Glass

Glass is an indispensable key material in the information display industry. Our usual touch screens are generally two layers of glass. But the structure is similar to our inseparable mobile phone.


From top to bottom: high-strength cover glass, after deep processing. The main function is to protect the screen and enhance the visual effect. Next is the ultra-thin touch glass — Sensor glass. It can realize the functional layer of touch display. If you still count as the glass of the display, then there is also the TFT-LCD glass substrate. It is filled with liquid crystal between two layers of TFT-LCD glass to make a display module to realize the display function.

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High-strength Cover Glass

With the rapid development of modern technology, the seemingly thin touch screen cover glass contains more and more scientific and technological mysteries. Taking high-strength cover glass as an example, the popularity of smart products makes touch screens the first choice for many electronic display products. High-strength cover glass has good chemical, thermodynamic, and mechanical properties. It has become the best material for touch screen cover due to its excellent properties such as drop resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance. Generally, the hardness of our cover plate is 6H or 7H tempered glass. It is not only widely use in the market of touch display products such as mobile phones and iPads. But also in industrial control, medical equipment, smart home, aerospace, automotive, electronic information display, high-rise fireproof glass and other fields.


Ultra-thin Touch Sensor Glass

As an indispensable key material in the 21st century, ultra-thin touch glass has excellent hardness, transparency, heat resistance, electrical insulation and air impermeability. We will design and produce the touch sensor by ourselves, which is also the biggest advantage of Dingtouch. Its function is mainly to play the role of touch. It can apply in displays such as televisions, tablet computers, mobile phones, wearable devices, etc.  And can also use in fields such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, solar panels, flat panel lighting power supplies, and super capacitors.


At present, the thickness of ultra-thin glass in the world is only 0.12 mm. It is the thinnest glass mass-produced using the float process. How thin is the 0.12mm ultra-thin touch glass? The thickness of a piece of A4 printing paper is 0.095 mm. This glass is only slightly thicker than A4 printing paper. But it can withstand the impact of a 55-gram steel ball falling freely from a height of 1 meter.


With the development of flexible electronic screens in the future, glass must be able to fold like a book with a thickness of 3 mm to 5 mm.  At present, 0.12mm glass can be rolled into a cylindrical shape. But if electronic screens want to achieve this effect, only 0.1mm ultra-thin bendable glass can be used.  We through continuous innovation and upgrading. In the future ,it will realize the mass production of 0.1mm ultra-thin electronic touch glass as soon as possible.


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