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How To Do The Multi Capacitive Touch Panel Operation Steps!


How To Do The Multi Capacitive Touch Panel Operation Steps!

With the rapid development of industrial technology, our industry has also invented many new products for us. You may not have noticed these products. But in our lives. There are still quite a few used. Capacitive screen is one of them. So what should I do with more multi capacitive touch panel operation steps!

Multi Capacitive Touch Panel

The Multi Capacitive Touch Panel  Operation Steps

When you are operating, the controller supplies current to the drive line one after the other. Therefore, a specific electric field is formed between each node and the wire. Then scan the sensing line column by column to measure the capacitance change between its electrodes. So as to achieve multi-point positioning. When a finger or touch medium approaches. The controller quickly detects the capacitance change between the touch node and the wire. Then confirm the location of the touch.

This kind of shaft is driven by a set of AC signals. The response across the touch screen is sensed by electrodes on other axes. Users call this ‘cross-over’ induction. It can also be called projected induction. The sensor is plated with X, Y axis ITO patterns. When the finger touches the surface of the touch screen. The capacitance value under the touch point increases according to the distance of the touch point. Continuous scanning on the sensor detects changes in capacitance. The control chip calculates the touch point and repays it to the processor.

Application of Multi Capacitive Touch Panel

With the development of science and technology, people’s requirements for touch screens are getting higher and higher. It has evolved from supporting single-point touch to basically supporting 10-point touch screens. And the touch screens used in most products now support multi-touch. For example, ATM machines, smart homes, industrial controls, game consoles and so on. Because some products and equipment need to support multiple people to use at the same time, the effect is even better.

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