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Top 5 Considerations For Smart Industrial Touch Screens


The smart industrial touch screens is also called “touch screen” or “touch panel”. It is a device that replaces the mouse and keyboard to communicate with the computer. The touch screen is the latest computer input device. It is currently the simplest, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction.

Touch screens have a wide range of applications worldwide. Inquire about facilities from factory equipment and electronically. Touch screens can be seen on mobile phones, digital cameras, cell phones, etc. Its wide application also marks the real arrival of the era of popularization of computer applications.

Smart Industrial Touch Screens

Precautions For Touch Screen Of Smart Industrial Touch Screens

1.Do Not Use Force Or Sharp Objects To Touch The Surface Of The Touch Screen

The capacitive touch industrial display adopts a new type of touch recognition technology. Only need to touch lightly with your finger on the touch screen. The control can be completed without the induction of pressure at all. When using the capacitive type, be careful not to press too hard. Or touch the surface of the screen with something sharp.

2.Make Sure The Touch Screen Is Dry

In order to allow industrial displays to operate stably in applications. What we have to do is to clear all foreign objects on the industrial display touch screen. When using, make sure your fingers are dry and clean. Avoid water entering the LCD screen of the industrial display to affect the touch effect.

3.Pay Attention To The Wiping Method

Industrial touch screens are very easy and convenient to clean. When cleaning, please wipe the screen and frame with a soft cloth after shutting down. When wiping, do not wipe upwards, but wipe the screen from top to bottom.

4.Avoid Direct Sunlight

Want to maintain better touch screen sensitivity. Our industrial displays should try to avoid close-range direct exposure of artificial light sources or direct sunlight.

5.Deal With Dust In Time

Clean up the dust on the four corners of the screen and the bottom frame in time. Prevent the touch positioning of the screen from being affected by dust accumulation. Be sure not to place or discard small obstacles at the four corners of the screen and each frame. Prevent obstruction due to obstacles. Cause the touch screen to be unable to locate.

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