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What are Anti Glare Anti Reflection Anti Finger For PCAP Touch Screen?


Last week, we have customer inquiry whether we can do the pcap touch screen with Anti Glare or Anti Reflection or Anti Finger? Yes, sure.Dingtouch can do it. We have many project touch screen with these effects.Today, let us dicuss with what are the Anti Glare Anti Reflection and Anti Finger?

Anti Glare

1.Definition:  Anti Glare also called AG . The reflective surface of the original glass is changed to a matte surface (a grainy surface with uneven surface) through chemical etching or spraying, and the roughness of the glass surface is changed, so that the surface has a matte effect and achieves diffuse reflection The role of.

2.Function: When the outside light reflects, it will form diffuse reflection, thereby reducing the reflection of light, achieving the purpose of not dazzling, allowing viewers to experience better sensory vision. The lower the gloss, the better the diffusion effect on its surface, and the smaller the influence of external glare. AG glass has single-sided and double-sided, and the AG-treated surface must be on the top when using it.

3.Application case:We mostly use it on Outdoor display screens or display screens under strong light. Such as advertising screens, ATM cash machines, POS cash registers, medical B-ultrasound displays, e-book readers, gas station displays, subway ticket machines, etc.

4.Simple identification method: place a piece of glass under a fluorescent lamp and observe the lamp tube from the front of the glass. If the light source of the tube is dispersed, it is the AG processing surface, and if the light source of the tube is clearly visible, it is the non-AG surface. This is the most direct way to distinguish from visual effects.


Anti Reflection

1.Definition:  Anti Relection also called AR. After optical coating is applied to the glass on one or both sides, the reflectance of the glass is reduced and the transmittance is increased. The maximum value can increase its transmittance above 99% and control its reflectivity below 1%.

2.Function: By increasing the transmittance of the glass, we can see the content of the display more clearly

Come, let viewers enjoy more comfortable and clear sensory vision.

3.Application cases: high-definition display screens, photo frames, mobile phones and cameras of various instruments.

Simple identification method: Take a piece of ordinary glass and a piece of AR glass. And attach them to the computer or other paper screens at the same time. The AR glass is the clearer effect.


Anti Finger

1.Definition: AF coating is based on the principle of lotus leaf, coating a layer of nano-chemical material on the surface of the glass to make it have strong hydrophobicity, oil stain resistance, fingerprint resistance and other functions.


1)You can easily wipe clean dirt, fingerprints, oil stains, etc.

2)The surface is smoother and feels more comfortable.

3.Application case: Suitable for display glass cover on all touch screens. The AF coating is single-sided and used on the front of the glass.

4.Features: Machinable forms AG+AF, AR+AF, AG+AR+AF

5.Simple identification method:

1)With a drop of water, if the water can rolle freely, then it have with AF surface.

2)Use an oily pen to draw a line. if can’t draw the line ,then it have with the AF surface.

Anti Finger

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