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What Are The Characteristics Of High Quality Touch Screen?


The high Quality Industrial Touch Screen Has The Following Four Characteristics

High Quality Touch Screen

1.Able To Adapt To Any Industrial Environment

We use the high quality touch screen in the factory floor are integrated into the production line as an HMI, connected to the forklift cage and carts and workstations. In most cases, there will use these devices in dirty, dusty working conditions and temperature areas.

Many operations are used alternately indoors and outdoors, with large temperature differences. Industrial touch screens should have internal components that are not affected by these temperature fluctuations. Because we design them with this possibility in mind. To be able to withstand these conditions. Industrial touch screens need to use high-quality chip solutions. To be able to adapt to the temperature difference environment, the touch screen can work normally.

2.Designed For Various Operating Systems

The good news is that manufacturing plants have a range of systems to choose from for management and maintenance functions. Therefore, the bad news is that ordinary computing devices may not be able to interface with it. Over time, the industrial touch screen you are using now will not determine future system upgrades. But successful management involves getting the most useful life from your equipment. And they need to be able to handle various operating systems.

3.Touch Screen Design

Two important factors for industrial touch screens on the factory floor are readability and responsiveness. So the lighting on the factory floor ranges from dim to extremely bright. To consider whether to use anti-glare treatment, because to ensure the readability of the touch screen. Because we will view the information on the screen quickly, any misunderstanding can lead to serious consequences. The demand for industrial computers requires a screen life of 100 million times. Many industrial operations need to protect hands, so touch screens need gloves to respond to touch.


This standard not only means convenient operation, but also can withstand rough handling in an industrial environment. On the factory floor, this treatment includes occasional drops, which may cause the industrial touch screen to stop functioning. The drop-resistant touch screen can withstand a four-foot drop onto the plywood floor. The operation of the forklift uses an on-board computer connected to the cage to obtain instructions from the material handling system. The rugged touch screen can withstand the bumps in this high-sport environment.

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