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What Are The Main Advantages Of Multi Touch Screens?


The alias of the touch screen can also be called the touch screen. It has the advantages of sensitive response speed, easy communication, sturdiness and durability, and space saving. It is currently the most convenient, simple and natural way of human-computer interaction. The user only needs to use his finger to lightly tap the icon or text on the display screen to operate the zd operation. Brings great convenience to people’s lives.So what are the main advantages of multi touch screens?

The Main Advantages Of Multi Touch Screens:

The touch screen is composed of lens (panel), TP Sensor (contact sensor), FPC (flexible circuit board), IC (touch chip) and other accessories. Touch screens are divided into resistive and capacitive touch. Nowadays, capacitive touch screens are widely used on mobile phones and tablets. The capacitive touch screen can realize multi-touch, sensitive operation, not easy to touch by mistake, and high durability. So The capacitive touch screen senses the current of the human body to operate, avoiding the touch of other objects. What’s more, It performs well in terms of dustproof, waterproof, and abrasion resistance. The capacitive touch screen has a long life and does not require pressure to generate signals. It can be achieved by direct touch.

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The quality and performance of the touch screen need to be tested. So the current shrapnel microneedle module can play a connection function in the touch screen test. However, achieve the function of current conduction. Can pass 50A high current transmission. And play a good connection function to maintain the stability of the transmission. The minimum pitch value that can be handled in the small pitch field can reach 0.15mm. No bad performance, no card pin. Broken needle phenomenon, good performance, service life more than 20w times.

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