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What Is PCAP Touch Screen?


What is PCAP touch screen? I think many people are no longer strangers anymore. It should have been living in our various places. In recent years, many industrial equipment have also transitioned from resistive touch screens to projected capacitive touch screens. Although the reliability of the resistive touch screen and whether you touch it with your fingers or wearing gloves, its response ability is very sensitive. So it has always been the first choice for most touch screen control of industrial equipment. Due to the development of technology, the projected capacitive touch screen has better optical clarity and scratch resistance, and now it can support all kinds of glove touch, or touch with water, etc. It is now also the first choice for touch screen solutions in industrial environments.


What Is A Resistive Touch Screen?

In the past, most industrial control systems used resistive touch screens. Its main working principle is that two transparent layers are separated by a thin gap with a gasket. There is a conductive coating on the inside of each layer. When it encounters pressure squeeze, it will start the voltage to pass, so it can activate the contact point . It mainly uses pressure to make the touch screen work, unlike capacitive touch screens, it through the electrical characteristics of the capacitance to work. But the resistive touch screen has several disadvantages:


Usually only supports single touch

Lack of optical clarity

Easy to be scratched by tools

Can be worn over time in overused places

Due to the economic scale, sizes larger than 24 inches are not available


What Is Pcap Touch Screen?

Projected capacitive touch screens are very popular now. In our lives, if you observe carefully, there are really many product applications that use capacitive touch screens. We have use it on the consumer and commercial markets since 2000. It has now become the preferred touch technology for most terminal products. The PCAP touch screen can provide rich functions such as single-touch, dual-touch, rotation, zoom, flip, and multi-touch with up to 10 fingers. And unlike the resistive touch screen, the capacitive touch screen requires pressing pressure to make the touch screen work. It uses the conductive object of the human body to lightly touch the capacitive touch screen to make it to work.


Since PCAP Touch screen has many advantages, people deeply loved it. For example, PCAP Touch screen mainly uses glass, which has high optical clarity, and has begun to apply in medical product.


The Latest Improvements In PCAP Touch Screen Technology

Below we discuss some of the features that enable this technology to overcome past challenges.

1.Touch Controller

In PCAP Touch screen, there are two main solutions for touch screen controllers, chip on the board (COB) and chip on the FPC (COF).

Chip on the board (COB), it is to make the chip and other components directly on a single PCB board. It allows the signal to be transmitted from the touch sensor to the PCB through the flexible printed circuit. Then, the IC firmware converts the capacitance data into digital touch position data, and then sends it to the host. For the larger size, generally will use COB solution.

Chip on the FPC (COF), it is to make the chip and other components directly on the flexible cable. In this case, the analog capacitance signal is converted to digital position data on the FPC, and the  serial interface will send data to the computer. If you want to use a small touch screen, then we recommend you to choose this solution, which is cost-effective.

2.Noise immunity

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise can interfere with the accurate detection of touch events in the PCAP touch screen. If your product application environment requires strong noise immunity, then when choosing a chip solution, you should choose a solution with strong noise immunity. If you still feel that the anti-noise effect is not good in the later stage, you can optimize it through firmware.

3.Water treatment

In some special product applications, there may be an environment with water on the touch screen, such as raining outdoors. Water or rain may cause false touch problems. In order to avoid these problems, you can choose a chip solution that supports water touch, or make a layer of anti-fingerprint effect on the surface of the touch screen.  Because the working principle of water touch is very similar to the working principle of our people touching the touch screen.  Therefore, making a layer of anti-fingerprint effect on the surface is also a problem to prevent water from being touched by mistake.

4.Touch with gloves

PCAP Touch Screen can also support the touch of different gloves. For example, in industrial control systems or medical equipment, these product applications may require the touch screen can support with gloves. If you want to support touch with gloves, you can first according to the thickness and material of your gloves. We can match you with the most suitable chip solution.

What is pcap touch screen

In conclusion

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the latest PCAP Touch Screen has matured. It overcomes the challenges brought by thick gloves and harsh operating environments. Regardless of the IC controller, driver and firmware, there are great breakthroughs. The performance and accuracy of the capacitive touch screen have also risen to a level. It is estimated that in the future development, many resistive touch screens will be replaced by the latest PCAP Touch screen technology. I believe it will make our lives more and more convenient.

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