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What Operating System Is The Touch Screen CTP?


What Operating System Is The Touch Screen CTP?

The so-called touch screen CTP is a computer input device. There are many operating systems for touch screen CTP. At present, the mainstream ones are windows10, windows8, ios, linux, android and so on.

The so-called touch screen device, in terms of market concept. It is a computer input device that everyone uses. Or the device that everyone uses to communicate with a computer. No need to learn, everyone can use it. It is the greatest magic of touchscreen computers. This is either a keyboard or a mouse. can’t be compared to it. From the technical point of view, the touch screen computer is a transparent absolute addressing system.

First it must be guaranteed to be transparent. So it has to solve the transparency problem through material technology. Like digitizers, writing pads, elevator switches. None of them are touch.

Touch Screen CTP

Second it is absolute coordinates. Wherever the finger touches. No second action is required. Unlike the mouse is a system of relative positioning. It will be noted that none of the touch screen PC software requires a cursor. Having a cursor instead affects the user’s attention. Because the cursor is used for relatively positioned devices. To move a relatively positioned device to a place, it first needs to know where it is now. Which direction to go. It is also necessary to continuously feedback the current position to the user at all times so as not to cause deviations. None of this is needed for touchscreen computers that use absolute coordinates.

The second is to be able to detect the touch action of the finger and determine the position of the finger. Various touch screen computer technologies revolve around “detecting finger touch”.

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